The Tylenol in Your Ass Theory of Moderate Islam

“I have been made victorious with terror” – The Prophet Muhammad, Founder of Islam –
Taken from Hadith Bukari. This is core Islamic teaching, taught to Sunni Muslims. 85 to 90 Percent of the world’s Muslims are Sunni.

Here is another quote, regarding Islamic terrorism: “No religion teaches this!” – Barack Hussein Obama, President of America – Protector of Islam.

But what about the rest of our “leaders”? What’s their excuse? Well, some of our leaders are stupid, some are insane and some rationalize doing anything to get money from lobbyists paid for by Arab oil. And then there are a few who have a clue, but they are clearly out numbered. However, I’ll come back to that in a moment.

Now, here is an analogy for you…

IF 3 OUT OF 4 PEOPLE TAKE TYLENOL AS A SUPPOSITORY even though the bottle clearly says to take two tablets orally, for a headache, does that mean that how you take Tylenol is really open to interpretation? The Quran says over and over and over to kill and subjugate the nonbeliever and to spread Islam, by force, until the entire world submits to Islam. The references are clear and endless. Now, just because maybe your friend from work, who just happens to be Muslim, hasn’t tried to behead you, does not mean that what the Quran says is not relevant to what Islam is. And sticking a Tylenol up your ass will not change what it says on the bottle. The President has had a Tylenol in his rectum for 7 years and the headache of militant Islam has still not gone away.

Meanwhile, back in the painfully non-metaphorical world, a few final thoughts:

HILARY CLINTON SAYS that we need to learn to empathize with ISIS and try to also see their point of view.

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA SAYS that ISIS has been contained and that the act of Jihad (he won’t call it that) in Paris Friday was “a setback” and that “no religion teaches this kind of violence”. (Yes, it does actually, but if you try to teach a donkey to sing you just frustrate the donkey and you disappoint yourself.)

DEMOCRATIC HOUSE CANDIDATE DAN KIMMEL RECENTLY TWEETED that ISIS isn’t necessarily evil. It’s made up of people doing what they think is best for their community.


And now would be a good time to hit the panic button.



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