The Fox Guards the Hen House

Dear Friends,-

ABOUT A YEAR AGO, on September 10, 2012 I was invited to sit on a panel to discuss Islamic Law and the Constitution. The next morning, as I drove home from my hotel room, I heard on the radio that there was rioting in Islamic nations. Apparently an “anti-Muslim filmmaker in California” had made a YouTube video which offended the delicate sensibilities of Islamosavages, such that they were left with no choice but to riot, loot, rape, kill, throw stones, shake their fists, storm embassies, burn flags and yell “Death to America”.

Soon after, my Facebook in box was flooded with explicit death threats from followers of the Religion of Peace. Then they started posting these threats right not my FB wall. A year later, after hundreds of my friends complained to FB and the FBI conducted an investigation into the threats, those FB accounts remain active, the Islamists have gone unpunished. In the fog of it all, someone PhotoShopped a “bounty” on my head. Several foreign newspapers reported that I was “the filmmaker” of the hit Islamo-comedy “The Innocence of Muslims”. And I was advised to leave my home immediately and move to a safe house. There was some coverage of this in the blogosphere before any of us bothered to count all those zeros and realize that the bounty was not in fact 10,000,000 rupees, but a Quadrillion dollars. Hardly a real bounty, or what some were calling a “Fatwa”.

Nonetheless, the explicit death threats from Muslims, many here in the United States, continued, sometimes as often as one new threat per hour. I filed reports with every level of law enforcement. The FBI told me they could not protect me, but that I should stay indoors and consider hiring private security.

One law enforcement professional, who will go unnamed, advised me that “you’re lucky you didn’t make that movie because I think that jackass in the White House is going to punish the real filmmaker, just to show the Islamic world he won’t tolerate blasphemy against the Prophet”. Eventually the threats stopped and my life resumed normalcy. And here we are, about a year later.

And Barack Hussein Obama is really showing his true colors this time. He is about to appeal to the American people, to gain approval to basically arm and support the same people who stormed the US embassy in Benghazi – Al Qaeda. I did not make that movie. If I had, they’d have come up with a reason to put me in jail and publicize it in the Islamic world. As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, I am deeply concerned. These days I am less worried about my own safety and more concerned about how the United States of America came to be led by a man who is the most powerful friend Islam ever had.

We are at war with Islam – or perhaps I should say they are at war with us. If Obama strikes Syria, he does so to support “the rebels” which translated means Islamists who are hostile to you and I. America itself is supposed to be a safe house against Islamists. But how safe will we be with the most powerful friend the Islamic world has ever known, guarding that safe house?

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